SikaRep®-200 Multi

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SikaRep®-200 Multi is a ready to use, multi-purpose, lightweight, cementitious, fiber reinforced mortar for repairs & strengthening, pointing & rendering of masonries according to ΕΝ 998-2 & EN 998-1 and for nonstructural concrete repairs according to EN 1504-3.



For repairing, filling and coating masonry

For non-structural concrete repairs

Αποκατάσταση σκυροδέματος και διατομής αποδιοργανωμένων περιοχών στοιχείων σκυροδέματος, σε κατακόρυφες και οριζόντιες επιφάνειες

Filling nests, pores, small imperfections in corners and edges, creating and finishing joints and overlays



Excellent workability, thixotropy and finish

Excellent workability, thixotropy and finishing Good dimension stability with no sagging even in high thickness applications

Low consumption due to its design (lightweight)

Very good adhesion on porous substrates, such as bricks, natural stones, concrete, e.t.c.



~ 1.6 kg dust/m2/mm layer thickness


Packaging: 20kg bag


Color: gray