Bauer Kapa 11 – Gray

SKU: 33.6151

Polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based adhesive and reinforcement coating, for installation of insulation plates of expanded polystyrene, mineral wool etc. on building facades and floors.

Kapa 11 offers unparallel adhesion, high resistance to shear stresses and guaranted adequate levels of bonding for many decades.

The same material is used to cover insulation plates with the application of special fiberglass mesh as crack prevention, reinforcement coating and substrate for topcoat renders in thermal insulation systems.

With zero-slipping properties and extended open time for safer application.



Form: cementitious powder.

Mixing water: approx 7-8l to 25kg

Dry mortar density: 1,4 kg / l

Water mixture Density: 2,0 kg / l



25kg bag